Jul 18, 2024

Physical Fitness and Senior Citizens

Elderly People Staying Fit

Senior Citizens can stay healthy and in shape by exercising, strength training and staying fit.

Recommended Exercises 55

Recommended levels of physical activity for seniors according to the CDC. Staying in shape is the key to aging well.

Prepare to improve strength

Preparing for and beginning a strength program especially for seniors. Strength training offers many benefits for older people.

Setting Goals

Before beginning any life change, seniors should set goals in order to stay motivated.

What equipment do I need?

Your strength training program does not require much special equipment, but seniors should be careful when purchasing equipment.

Your Current Fitness

Before beginning an exercise program, analyse your current fitness with this easy questionnaire.

Work Out Safely

Seniors should be careful when being active. Follow these tips to avoid injury when exercising.

Frequency, Intensity, Advancement

Scheduling and intensity can determine the speed at which you progess in your work out regimen.

A Work Out for Seniors

A complete work-out program for senior citizens, including a warm-up, cool-down and increasing levels of intensity.